I don't think I can out my finger in what exactly Adanna is (yet). I've never managed to decide on a caption, but the definition of the name has always been a true foundation:


Adanna is a name of Nigerian origin meaning her father's daughter.


What Adanna is to me, personally, is a promise. I'm currently in a box called BA: fashion design. And despite their best attempts to make us creatives, my true creativity happens when I allow myself to escape from the box. Then Adanna happens.


Furthermore, I see Adanna as a bridge in construction:


It's a bridge connecting my most loved cultures. I walk over it with my vellies, Ncabulas, Haviannas and Tsongas. It is a link between the grasslands of Mpumalanga and the Starndveld (Western Cape)... Connecting travelers and gravel roads along the way. It's the cross breed between the farm girl I'll always be and the city dweller I am right now. I dream of klipkoppies at night and travel by train in the day. It's a meeting point between the faithful and the lawless. We need to have a meeting place. Ultimately, It's a road that I love to travel.


One day, I'm sure Adanna will be something understood by all senses. For now it's everything I can't quite touch, smell, see, hear and hold..


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